Study Tips For Young Students

Start off the school year with study tips that will bring your child one step closer to reaching that A+! Discovering and applying key study practices create a sense of organization and stability for children. Below are 6 study tips guaranteed to help turn messy study sessions into productive learning experiences!
  • Know the Expectations 
Teachers will write phrases on the board, tell students to underline in their workbooks or verbally tell the class what is important. When studying with your child, first go over anything that is written down, highlighted or circled. This information will most likely appear on the test. 
  • Designate a Study Area
To maximize your child’s focus, designate a study area in the home that is a quiet, well-lit and does not typically have a lot of people or pets walking through. A spot at the kitchen table before or after dinner usually does the job! 
  • Focus on Certain Topics First 
When preparing to study, make sure your child is focusing on subjects they will be tested on first. This will allow your child to master topics for the test rather than look over material that they may already know or will not be tested on for a few weeks. 
  • Turn Off the TV
The less distractions the better! Toys and gadgets that may come between your child and their schoolwork during study time should be put away. Additionally, turning off the television and powering down electronics will decrease the chances of distraction significantly. 
  • Be Present
It is important for you as a parent to be there guiding your child as they learn new lessons throughout the school year. Assist them if they have questions about their assignments, provide positive reinforcement and encourage them to ask their teacher questions if they are unsure about their work!
  • Get a Good Night’s Sleep
Make sure your child is in bed by a certain time each night. A good night’s sleep will allow them to be active, alert and to better retain information throughout the school day.  
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