View math curriculums (K-6)

Ready Math helps students develop procedural fluency and conceptual understanding. Students will gain confidence as they master New Jersey learning standards. The “why” of Mathematics is introduced at early grades as well as fluency in key skills. All lessons are engaging and fun.

Students also use iReady, an interactive online learning program to provide individualized instruction based on each child’s unique needs.


The American Reading Company (ARC), a research based and data driven program, emphasizes the “Big 5” components of reading.

  • Phonemic Awareness – The smallest units of spoken language.
  • Phonics – Relationships between the letters written.
  • Vocabulary – Building a word bank.
  • Fluency – Reading with appropriate speed.
  • Comprehension – Helping students understand what they read.

It is our goal for all students to become proficient readers, writers, and communicators. We offer a rich array of support to help students achieve this goal and to love and appreciate the written word.


Social Studies, Science, Art, Music, Technology, Spanish, and Physical Education are presented to students in an interesting and enjoyable way. Each area will offer students an opportunity to actively participate in activities, projects, and events that excite and motivate students.