Connecting or Reconnecting to the Wifi/Hotspot:

  1. Click on the accessories icon on the right side of the task bar and click on the signal (wifi) icon

2. Click on the wifi icon on the top left and select the name of your wifi/hotspot signal

If the Zoom connection is glitchy or the student gets an error message while trying to connect to Zoom. Try the following steps:

• Have the student log out of the meeting and log back in again

• If that does not work, have them log off of the Chromebook and log back in again

• Try to reconnect to the internet using the instructions above in Step 1

• If you continue getting the Zoom error messages, remove their account PAC google by going on the login screen, click on the arrow to the right of their name and click Remove Account twice. They will then be prompted to enter their Google Account name which is either




If that format does not work or the problem persist, please contact PAC Help Desk for additional assistance.


• If the Chromebook is already connected, click on the current connection to open it up and then click on the disconnect button on the top right of the screen (pictured)

• Find the wifi router that you want to connect to in the list of wifi devices and click on it (NOTE: if connecting to one of our hotspots, look for ‘Alcatel’)

• Enter the wifi password (NOTE: for the hotspots, the password is on the contract and on the back of the hotspot and it is case sensitive) and then press the Enter key

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