How to keep up good academic habits over the break

As the holidays get closer, you’ll likely start wondering how to keep your children entertained over their break. While you’re scheduling play dates and family time and thinking about relaxation, it’s important that you ensure your child maintains good academic habits. This helps ease their transition into the break, as well as easing them back into regular school hours. Our non-traditional study tips will help your child expand and develop important skills that are necessary for the classroom and day-to-day life! 

Establish a Routine 

Help your child stay motivated over winter break by enforcing a daily routine and assigning chores to-do around the house. Keep chores simple and easy, so children do not feel overwhelmed. Reward them with a prize or positive encouragement for completing tasks!

Another important way to maintain a child’s healthy daily routine is to form consistent sleeping patterns. This will make going back to school seem like less of a transition in the morning. 

Visit the Library

The local library is a great resource to sharpen your child’s reading skills. The endless amount of books, audio books and educational movies available at your fingertips will help your child find new interests and become more confident. Sit and read together or bring books home to read as a bedtime story. Look at your local library’s event schedule to see if any fun events are happening over their break!

Play Board Games

Board games and puzzles are great ways to increase your child’s critical thinking skills. Without even realizing, you are encouraging your child to think of new strategies, analyze pieces of information and plan their next move. Certain games will allow the improvement of basic math skills such as addition and subtraction. Reading and understanding the directions will also help boost reading comprehension.

Send Holiday Thank You Cards

Ask your child to assist you in writing thank you notes for gifts they have received over the holiday. Picking up a pen and paper will improve your child’s handwriting skills, spelling, grammar and vocabulary. 

Look Ahead 

Before winter break officially begins, speak with your child’s teacher about ways you can prepare for upcoming tests and quizzes or ask about upcoming materials. Having this knowledge will help you when studying with your child and creating flashcards. 

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