In order to ensure the safety of our students who ride the bus, we are revising our school bus procedures as follows:

  1. Families residing in Pleasantville, Atlantic City, and Egg Harbor Township must decide whether their child will be a daily bus student, or a car pickup student. All students residing in these townships are eligible for a free bus
  2. Once families make their selection, students will be designated as either bus students or car pickup students.
  3. We CANNOT make daily changes to student’s status as a bus or car pickup student. In the past, this has been allowed, but this compromises student safety.
  4. If you have a family emergency that requires a change in the student’s bus or car status, you can notify the school before 11:00am on Half days and 1:00pm on Full days. Only an authentic family emergency will be accepted. Thank you.
Map and Near View of Arrivals with instructions, pull up to the side entrances of school at a safe speed. Unload students out the right side of the car. Do not exit your car. Follow Staff cues to stop/unload. There is no parking during arrivals
Map Diagramming arrival for students